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Building the right vault for you is important when your vault will last for a lifetime.  Click on the button below and configure your perfect fortress door.  

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Fort Knox Vaults and Vault Doors provide a virtually impenetrable fortress around your valuables for security and peace of mind. Handcrafted with the thickest steel bodies available in the industry, you also get features like the largest locking bolts available, massive cross-directional corner bolts, 100% coverage in the door plate and solid welded seams inside and out.  That not enough?  Add up to 4 additional layers of hot-rolled steel plating, AR500 and/or stainless steel.   Even fire is afraid.  Add more fire protection for a 2 hour rating with our Type C fire board.  That’s right actual fire board, not drywall like other manufacturers.  We also give you a true lifetime warranty which includes locks and door mechanisms.  Other manufacturers can’t say that.  When you want to protect your valuables, choose Fort Knox with no regrets.  Build the right vault for you at

Vault Doors for Secure Storage

Want to have unlimited storage for anything important?  Want a secure "man cave"? For the price of an average safe, put a vault door on a concrete room and have plenty of space for everything sentimental. 

    Vault doors start at 1400 lbs. now that is a lot of steel protection.  Need more?  Add layers of AR500 or stainless steel and your fortress will be unmatched.

Two sizes available 82"x40" or 82"x48" all in a variety of finishes and colors.

Fort Knox in-swing doors are a perfect for solution if you want to place a vault door behind a concealment door.

Delivery and Installation

We have the most professional and experienced installation crew available in the industry.  With many doors immediately available in stock, we can ship or install at your convenience.


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2305 N Taft Hill Rd, Fort Collins, Colorado 80524, United States

(970) 482-8469